Innov’up Tech et Secours – Monitoring physical performance

As part of the Innov’up Tech and Rescue experimentation call for projects launched in June 2021 by Région Île-de-France, bpifrance and Atraksis, the project led by MOTEN and the French fire service SDIS 91 aims to improve the monitoring of the physical performance of firefighters throughout their career.

The challenge of this project is to be able to accompany and maintain a firefighter in good health throughout his career, in particular through the use of sensors evaluating his muscular condition and the physical risks associated with his activity.

Firefighters are exposed to various risks in the fire and rescue service that can lead to work-related accidents. The causes range from a lack of warm-up to overtraining, including physical activity that is sometimes not adapted to the reality of the field.

In response to these issues, the SDIS 91 wishes to understand and quantify the physical risks to which firefighters are exposed, starting with the study conducted on the new adapted professional pathway in the context of the Corporal competition. In December 2021, 7 volunteer subjects were equipped with new muscle sensors developed by MOTEN Technologies during their training. The results of these tests have made it possible to identify the critical stages of the course in terms of muscular stress, and the levers to reduce them.

The second phase of the project will focus on integration training from June to October 2022. The objective will be to carry out an analysis of muscular activity in relation to certain operational situations in order to be able to recommend appropriate training.

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