Our objectives

The digital revolution has profoundly changed our relationship to time, our relationship to information, and more generally our lifestyles. We must make the most of this revolution to always improve the service provided to the user.

Tech can help to better serve fire and rescue service users and facilitate their actions. Rich synergies can be created by launching a "Tech and Rescue" dynamic.

In parallel, a movement is developing: the Tech for Good, in other words, the Tech for Good is a combination of new technologies with everything that touches the common good. We believe that the world of rescue must also become a "playground" for the Tech for Good. We want to foster synergies between our organizations and this movement.



All members of an organization have, by virtue of their functions and past experience, the ability to generate ideas to transform and improve practices. The organization must therefore allow these good ideas to come to fruition, to be tested and eventually to be generalized. To enable this evolution, it is not enough to decree it. In order to facilitate innovation and better meet users' expectations, our structures must undertake real organizational transformations.

Create teams with
varied profiles

Create spaces for
freedom and expression

Create spaces of

Allow error and
enhance the trial

skills teams

Place the user at
center of reflections


Today our environment is more and more dynamic, the pace of change is accelerating. Knowledge is more and more varied and requires more and more expertise. This combination forces our organizations to rethink interdisciplinarity and the complementarity of skills.

Groups composed of various profiles are often more efficient than groups with homogeneous profiles.

To maintain a capacity for anticipation and adaptation, our organizations must therefore rethink themselves and stop uniform and stereotypical recruitment