Innov’up Tech et Secours – High-speed satellite communication

As part of the Innov’up Tech et Secours experimentation call for projects launched in June 2021 by Région Île-de-France, bpifrance and Atraksis, the French fire service SDIS78 and Eversat are testing a very high-speed, portable and secure internet access system.

The aim of this project is to experiment with a portable, flexible, economical “all in one” telecommunication system that is both simple and quick to deploy and compatible with new generation satellites.

This innovative telecommunication kit, developed by Eversat, is an alternative to the telecommunication equipment integrated in Command Center. It can be deployed in areas where it is difficult to install a Command Certer (floods, forests, mountains, natural disasters, etc.).

The benefits of the Eversat telecommunication kit are
– Compactness and portability (2 x cases).
– Flexibility of use (no dedicated vehicle required).
– Rapid deployment in the field (transport by any type of vehicle: light vehicle, 4×4, helicopter, etc.).
– Low operating costs (no vehicle immobilisation).
– Simplification of the computer interconnection with the SDIS network (implementation of a Cloud).
– Compatibility with new generation satellites (HTS and constellations)

Field tests with the SDIS 78 will begin in June 2022, for a period of 6 months.

©Sdis 78 – Service Communication – M. Fourniès